I am one of those late-comers to the Big Bang Theory, but once I found them I have loved them. The premise of nerdy geniuses living next door to a very hot, blond waitress/actress wannabe is ripe with possibilities. I believe I have learned a ton on several theories in quantum mechanics, astrophysics, and neurobiology, while laughing at these geniuses total lack of social intelligence. They simply don’t know how to talk to real people and that gets them into a lot of funny situations. Suddenly I think it is cool to be nerdy and knowledgable as well as somewhat geeky. The guys spend their free time watching Star Wars, Star Trek, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as, playing D and D and an assortment of video games. Over the last 4 seasons the genius nerds have gotten girl friends (whether they know what to do with them or not) and the situations are often so funny. Except for Penny, the girl friends are also highly intelligent.

Penny tries very hard to keep up with the conversations but often is more intelligent in street smarts and has to help them out of awkward problems. Sheldon is the most annoying of the smart guys but doesn’t know how to drive. Leonard may be the most level-headed of the geniuses, lovable but very needy. Raj is the East Indian astrophysicist who is totally intimidated my women. Howard is the annoying womanizing character, one would think would end up alone, but who has found love in season 3. Amy Farrah Fowler is the girl friend of Sheldon and is played by Mayim Bialik (better known as the TV Blossom 1990-1995) and is an actual neuroscientist. Howard’s girlfriend is Bernadette, a short perky girl who gives him reason so leave his mother. I have come to love all these characters like they are real people and couldn’t imagine my life without them. I love revisiting the episodes over and over. They make me laugh every time.

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